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how to toast your new home in serious style


A great housewarming party is one of life’s underrated joys. But before you start pulling out all the stops for a lavish celebration, remember the wise words of Coco Chanel – ‘simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.’

The art of creating a fulfilling housewarming celebration lies in keeping it straightforward. Be it decor or dinner, less is definitely more.

Inviting the guests is up to you. Beyond that, here’s our inspiration to help you host an unforgettable evening.

Setting the mood

No doubt you’ll be excited about showing off your new home to your friends and family, so this part will be lots of fun.

If you’re going for a theme, opt for something simple but classic. How about a white party? Crisp, clean and elegant, as well as symbolising grace, purity and a fresh new beginning, white strikes just the right note.

Create a twinkling ambience with fragrant candles, florals, lights and plenty of crystal. Our suggestion? The Waterford champagne-fragranced Illuminology Luma filled candle adds a dash of glamour.

No time to create your own music mix? Pop a Spotify playlist on shuffle and enjoy – we love Lounge Playlist, for a timeless vibe.

Finger foods reign supreme


Remember, your guests are coming to spend time with you – not just to give your new four walls the once-over. Minimal kitchen time and advance preparation are watchwords here.

Cater for different palates and dietary restrictions by conjuring up a canapé selection of veggies and carbs, meat and seafood: perhaps a generous pile of prosciutto-swathed figs alongside a tray of homemade sushi wraps and bowls of grilled chicken and tasty sautéed shrimp.

For a more substantial supper, a good lasagne or pesto pasta with chargrilled peppers are always popular – and deservedly so.

You can’t go far wrong with fresh fruit and a hearty cheese board – if you’ve moved to a new area, introduce your guests to the local specialities by making friends with your neighbourhood deli owner – then have a bespoke platter prepared.

Bottoms up


Yes, a mix of bubbly, red, white and pinks are great for keeping your guests happy, but you can’t beat a signature cocktail.

Why not welcome them with a pretty rhubarb martini? Over ice, simply mix four parts gin, one part Aperol (the herb and root-based Italian aperitif), one part rhubarb liqueur, with two to three parts freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Add sugar to taste and strain into a Jasper Conran Strata martini jug. To serve, float edible flower petals and orange peel curls on top.

Feeling playful? Take inspiration from Waterford’s Mad Men range, matching your drinks to the 60s era celebrated by the collection. Think classic dry martinis, whiskey sours (served in gilded drinkware such as the Mad Men Holloway gold patterned set and the quirky Sidecar.

Most importantly though, remember this party is about marking a brand new chapter in your life – so try not to give yourself too much to do. Just relax with your friends and have fun.

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