Imaginative ways to announce your pregnancy


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Though simple announcements can be every bit as momentous as elaborate ones, getting creative with your baby news can make that big reveal truly unforgettable. These sweet ideas should get you started…

Telling your partner

Of course, your other half may be standing right beside you as that pregnancy test flashes positive. If not, wrapping the test as a gift is an easy yet powerful way to drop the baby bombshell.


Image source: Not On The High

Perhaps serve up an extra special breakfast using this pregnancy announcement coffee stencil (£9.37, Not On The High Street) by Sophia Victoria Joy – or get snuggled up for the night and hand him a hot chocolate you’ll both remember for years to come.

Alternatively, these precious merino baby booties (£22, Not On The High Street) by Hello Sweetpea are both delightful and functional, ready for your baby’s arrival.


Image source: Not On The High

Telling your family

If it’s a first grandchild, telling your parents is a huge deal.

Family get-togethers are the perfect way to let loved ones know the news. Host a dinner and set placecards marked ‘grandma’, ‘grandad’ ‘aunty’ etc – then see how long it takes them to realise.

Otherwise, if your willpower allows, make the announcement over dessert with a cake iced with the words ‘We’re Pregnant’.

Aside from a family party, there are many wonderful gifts you can give the family for the big reveal.

Wrap pink, white and blue carnations with ribbons or create a hidden message in a (baby) bottle for your family to unwind.

For the future bookworm, buy a much-loved children’s book such as Where The Wild Things Are (£11.50, Amazon) and inscribe it,  ‘Please read this to me in [month of birth]. Love Baby [Surname]’.

We love these delicate pregnancy announcement quail eggs by Little Elephant Crafts (£4.26) – a magical way to announce the news – just be ready for floods of tears!


Image source: Little Elephant Crafts/Etsy

Telling your friends

In the age of social media, it’s easier than ever to share the happy news with everyone you know.

Get creative with your ultrasound picture by framing it beautifully and snapping a photo of you and your partner holding it together. Waterford’s Rebel picture frame (£110, Waterford) adds a dazzling edge.


If you’re not one for big online announcements, keep the snail mail tradition alive by sending hand-crafted cards to all out-of-town friends and family. We love this Bun in the Oven card by Too Wordy (£3.50)


Image source: Too Wordy

For those who want to see close friends’ reaction to your pregnancy in person, get everyone together and gather them round for a group photo. Set your camera to video mode and announce: “Okay everyone, 3… 2… Guess what? I’m pregnant!” Their priceless reactions will be captured forever.


Lead image source: Not On The High Street

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