Flirt with the dark side: The new bridal floral trend



Crocuses, peonies, sweet peas and narcissi are always popular for their pastel prettiness. But this year’s smartest vases fall firmly into gothic elegance, flirting with deep hues, styled with rich emerald ferns and dramatic, dusky foliage.

Tempted by the dark side of the rainbow? We spoke to leading florists for an insight into the best blooms to stir up some darker arrangements for your nuptials.

Deep purple

A firm believer in bringing dark out of the shadows, Appleyard London managing director Tash Kahn is championing wild florals in deep purple hues:

“Customers have become bored of the pastel pinks, creams and lilacs. Leading florists have realised they need to stay ahead of the curve and offer the consumer a new exciting colour palette with unusual varieties and textures of flora and foliage.

“We take our inspiration from the wild, whether it’s the UK or Himalayas. This year, Appleyard London has introduced more flora in tones of purple and aubergine. Vanda orchids and deep purple cantor calla lilies have become the new focal flowers.”


Image source: Appleyard London

Take it home:

Jeff Leatham’s Fleurology Kylie vase for Waterford, in black, is the ultimate backdrop to the deep trend. Stackable, too, it’s an elegant way to create a striking centrepiece.

Jeff Leatham Fleurology_Kylie Alt 9

Go rogue


Image source: Hayford and Rhodes

Red may be a bold choice but balanced with dark shades and greenery, it looks very right, right now. Emma Forsey of Hayford and Rhodes is a fan:

“At Hayford & Rhodes, we are in love with this floral trend – take mother nature as your source of inspiration and run with it.

“Vines, moss and undergrowth, while not typically floral and pretty, can add fabulous texture and interest to a forest-inspired design. Pair luscious overgrown foliages with jewel-toned florals such as vanda orchids, roses and dahlias for a natural yet rich take on the trend.”


Image source: Hayford and Rhodes

Take it home:

The strong shapes and tones of the Fleurology range lend themselves perfectly to anchoring bold, bright arrangements.

Jeff Leatham Fleurology_Lifestyle 2

Blend dark shades

Daisy Burgoyne, floral designer at Daisy Ellen, believes 2016 weddings will be dominated by dark tones, infused with lighter shades:

“I think dark colours are creating a real floral trend this year. The rich burgundy tones, royal purples and blood reds create a depth to bridal designs. Incorporated with delicate blush colours and champagne, this creates a beautiful style.

“Some recent wedding flowers I created used these colours with a beautiful use of texture. Texture and rich pops of colour create something really special.”


Image source: Marie Wootton Photography

Take it home:

Don’t leave the colour to the flowers themselves – a rose bowl  can lend instant impact to even the simplest arrangements. The vase’s iconic shape makes for incredibly simple arrangements – simply build in the hand and let the vase hold the shape.


For more bold interiors inspiration, check out our guide to the new wallpaper trends, giving paint a run for its money.

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