Chill: The best craft beers to put on ice



Hot summer days call for cold summer beers but if you’re investing in the craftsmanship of a decent ale, how can you get that chilled refreshment without killing off the flavours with that icy blast?

Naturally, the ever-nimble craft beer industry has the solution. While many ales, porters and stouts really shouldn’t be cooled to anything less than about 11 degrees Celsius, our nation’s brewers have created wheat beers, lagers and pilsners that are perfect at a cool 4 – 7 degrees.

It’s not a mass-produced lager at near-freezing temperatures but we defy you not to find ample refreshment on a warm day with our edit of the best – and the finest barware to elevate that cool-down moment.

  1. Bibble


chillBibbleImage source: Wild Beer Co

Summer drinking is relaxed afternoons and long, leisurely evenings. And that’s something they know all about down in Somerset, where The Wild Beer Co has built up an interesting portfolio of products. Try the everyday beer, Bibble (it’s Somerset-speak for ‘to drink regularly’). A chilled out 4.2% strength, it’s got Mosaic and Amarillo hops to lend a tropical, orangey taste to the pale ale.


Serve in: Waterford’s recently-launched beer collection has been specifically designed to enhance the flavours and aromas of craft beers. Part of the Lismore Connoisseur range, they combine shape and weight with the sparkling cut crystal elegance that Lismore is famous for. Try Bibble in the slender Lismore Connoisseur pilsner glass.

  1. Neck Oil


Image source: Beavertown Brewery

There’s more than a hint of rock n’ roll craziness about Beavertown Brewery’s design and tasting notes. No surprise when you discover the Tottenham-based business is the brainchild of Robert Plant’s son Logan.

Like Bibble, the beers are canned rather than bottled. Don’t be put off though: like mushrooms, Beavertown’s hoppy ales are better kept in the dark. We like the wonderfully-titled Neck Oil, a light, crisp IPA that goes down as easily as its name would suggest.chillLismorecraftbeerglass

Serve in: Make that beer really special with the Lismore Connoisseur craft beer glass. Chill to 7 – 10 degrees, pour, sit back and enjoy.

  1. So’hop

chillNor'hopImage source: Moor Beer Co

Somerset – long famed for its cider – is having a beer moment too, with another from the county making its way into our top five.

The Moor Beer Co’s ultra-pale ale Nor’hop has a string of awards to its name. It’s brewed with a limited availability hop from America and the summer flavours run through it, with floral and citric notes, plus a touch of honey and elderflower.


Serve in: At 4.3%, a pint of Nor’hop won’t be out of place. Savour it from this Lismore Connoisseur pint glass. Beer drinking for the sophisticated.

  1. Kill Your Darlings


Image source: Thornbridge Brewery

Lager needn’t mean dreary and nondescript drinking. Bakewell-based Thornbridge Brewery is among those rehabilitating lager’s diminished reputation with its Vienna-style Kill Your Darlings.

Its slight malt sweetness means it can handle a chill, while its reddish brown colour will show you instantly that this is no mass-produced quick fix. The brewery’s strapline of ‘innovation, passion and knowledge’ shines through.


Serve in: Recreate the glory days of Viennese lager by serving in this Lismore Connoisseur beer mug. It’s the perfect gift for any beer aficionado.

  1. The Kernel’s Huell Melon Pale Ale


Image source: The Kernel Brewery/Instagram

The stylish packaging from this Bermondsey-based brewery sums up the stripped-back, authentic feel of the craft beer movement.

The Huell Melon pale ale is named after the German hops it’s made from, which, true to their name, lend a melon flavour to the beer. What could be better for summer sipping?

Lismore Diamond_Lifestyle 6

Serve in: The Lismore Diamond pilsner glass is a truly eye-catching way to serve a beer. It’s a striking reinvention of the classic Lismore cut for a modern drinker.


Pair your preferred craft beer with a bowl of summer pudding – we’ve got the best here.

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